By Gwendolyn Purdom

Photos by Bennett H. Brian

Trading standard constricting cubicles for uniquely tailored collaborative workspaces, Atlanta-based corporate meeting company ROAM created its new office space with designers who put their focus on innovation with an industrial feel and rustic touches.

Chris Bailey of Industrial Chic provided custom furniture pieces for the office’s collection of stark but striking conference rooms. “Each space provokes creativity when you walk into it because it’s a blank space and the only thing you have to work with are the minds that are in the room,” Bailey says. “We hoped to create furniture that would provoke creativity as well.”

In addition to Bailey’s machine-age, industrial style tables and consoles (made with reclaimed and newly constructed distressed materials), ROAM filled its 16,000-square-foot space with modern elements and unexpected decoration like industrial gears and vintage yardsticks by lead designer Carrie Allen of Orchestrate, one of the companies that uses the office. Allen and Bailey laid out the five small, six medium, and two large meetings rooms to accommodate different groups for corporate retreats or training sessions.

“We wanted to add extra touches of detail in the design of each room,” Allen says. “People love the space and the way it invites community and conversation.”